Thursday, December 23, 2010

what do i feel after watching nicks video

After watching Nick's life from the video, I feel touched and motivated eventhough
I am not disabled like him. During watching the video, I heard that he wanted to kill himself for just being disabled, but he did not go with it instead he lives on and become a motivator.
At the early on the video, Nick said that he has hobby such as playing golf, and that makes me doubt how does he plan 2 play when he is in that kind of condition. I kept on watching the video and saw how he play golf then i realized he does not use his disability as an excuse so that he cannot enjoy his hobby.
As i kept on watching the video,I saw nick giving motivate speech at schools. He shows that people without disability should not feel miserable about their life as they have body parts that would help them to hold and walk while as Nick does not have.
So overall I think that people without or with disability should not think that they have a hard life and makes people despised them. As for Nick, he live on his life and become famous for his motivated speech.We should respect people with disability as they are perfect as you are.

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