Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How to truss a poultry

To truss poultry with string, take a piece of butcher's string about three times the length of the bird. Place the bird on its back, tail end nearest to you. Slide the string underneath so that it is cradling the bird in the center if its back.

Now, gently pull the string up the sides...
...then around the wings. Pull the strings toward you, close to the breast, so that the wings are held against the body.
Cross the strings at the base of the breast, then wrap each string around the end of a drumstick.
Tie the ends of the string together, cinching it tightly so that the legs cross.
Then, lift the bird so that the tail end is up and wrap the string around the tail. Tie the string, pulling tightly so that the cavity is covered by the tail.
Place the bird on its back again and bring the string back to the front, then tie it off. Your bird is now ready for the oven.

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