Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Love language

 After watching the video on love language, I found out people who are in love does not care on appearance and  how they dressed. its more on feeling on what they share and when they have those feeling anything can happen. In watching this video, I watched as the young man started the conversation not with words but through passing notes with the lady and by the looks of it I can tell that the man have a feeling towards the lady and interested to getting to know her.
 After further watching the video, I found that their relationship became more friendlier and they meet every time at the park and passing notes to each other. Since the first day the man saw this lady, she's been putting her headphones and this man has been curious on what is she hearing and so the man gather all his courage and wrote a note to ask what is she listening, the lady gave her the earphone to listen but the man hears nothing. The lady explain to the man through hand signals and the man understood on what she says. The lady thought the man was disappointed but instead the man wrote another letter and tell her that he still love her.
  People nowadays always look on appearance and riches of other people, but after watching the video, I was touched to see that all people in the world has someone special for them just like this kind of situation.

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