Wednesday, December 14, 2011

topic sentence

Smoking cigarretes
Topic sentence
Smoking cigarretes does more harm than good
Supporting details
         i.            Illness such as cancer
       ii.            Bad breath
      iii.            Bad habit(influence/waste)
     iv.            Out of breath
       v.            Addiction to smoking
Cigarrettes smoke brings harm to the human body and can cause health problems
Connectors used
Although , furthermore , and

    Smoking cigarretes has more disadvantage and does more harm than good. For example, cigarretes can cause illness such as cancer. Although this fact has already been proven, some would still continue doing so and leads the smokers to have bad breath as an effect from the cigarretes smoke. In addition to health problems, there are some who are suffering from asthma involve with this and this would make them even more out of breath. Smoking can develop a bad habit for example, people who is already into smoking would influenced other to join them it can be either their friends or family. In addition to the bad habit, people who is into smoking would spend RM 10 on buying one or more boxes of cigarrete for themselves and it is wasting money. To some, smoking is considered as an addiction like drugs and some cannot stop themselves not to smoke and it is believe that there are chemicals within the cigarrete that is causing them unable to stop. In conclusion, smoking cigarretes prove to be harmful and addictive to the human body and can cause health problems if they continue.  

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