Wednesday, December 14, 2011

topic sentence 2

Television effect on children
Topic sentence
Negatif effect of television on children
Supporting details
         i.            Immitation of act from their favourite cartoon
       ii.            Watchcing adult rated movie
      iii.            Violence
     iv.            Turning them from a good child to bad
Television can have some bad effect to children and parents need to monitor their childrens acts everytime
Linkers / sequence
Connectors use

   Television can effect children in many ways, there are some good and some bad. Most kids nowadays have bad behaviour because of television. The immitation of bad acts on television from a favourite cartoon and such and practice such as kicking and punching of siblings while they are role playing their favourite cartoon characters. Watching adult rated movie is some of the reason why there are increasing numbers of crime of kids getting pregnant because of this influence. The violence and hardcore action style movie influnce young kids in getting involve in fights and getting disciplinary action in school and involve in gang fights. Thus, this makes the influence of television turning some kids from good to bad. In conclusion, television can be harmful to young minds and so parents have to monitor their children and if  should they can block channels that contain violence and other harmful aspect that can  influece a young mind.

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